I’m not a developer. I don’t fully understand ‘code’. In fact, apart from writing some very basic Python into my Raspberry Pi to make an LED flash, I haven’t really done anything worthwhile with a coding language. With a career in Cyber Security ahead of me (hopefully), I was well aware of the need for me to learn the way of the coder. As part of #InnovationMonth, Registers of Scotland Invited me to a place on an ‘introduction to coding’ session, I couldn’t say no! img_20171113_164640_205 The session was run by CodeClan, a fantastic coding academy in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We learned how to write some code in a language called Ruby. This is the code I wrote on the course: img_20171114_230131 It’s basically a ‘cash machine’. The code asks for for a PIN, and if correct, shows options to display your balance, or if you withdraw money, show you a new balance. Although basic, I really enjoyed the introductory course. Well with the time spent! If you fancy learning to code, you don’t need to spend money! Lots of websites let you learn for free, such as CodeAcademy.com. Just Google free coding lessons and you’ll find hundreds of websites. I’ll leave you with this video, during which CodeClan instructor Zsolt Podoba-Szalai explains why coding is a valuable skill for anyone to have: https://youtu.be/6e1CJ5wpSPQ What coding exoerience or knowledge do you have? Leave a comment below, I’m interested to know! 👇🏻

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