The weekend is almost over, so to heighten peoples spirits, I thought it worth mentioning a new magazine that’s just been launched. The magazine is by the same people who created and publish the MagPi magazine (a magazine all about Raspberry Pi‘s, for those who don’t know).

The new magazine, called “HackSpace”, is all about ‘hacking’ the world around you. For example, creating your own Christmas lights, or hacking existing ones to be something more interesting (Christmas is coming!)

HackSpace Magazine

What’s great about the new magazine is, you don’t even need to buy the first edition to see if you like it, you can just Download it for free!

As people on Twitter have been saying, what is better than reading about the many uses of Duct Tape?

Whilst it’s not clear if the mag will go into more depth about ‘real’ hacking, it seems to be an interesting read for those with an interest in physical computing and building things.

For free, worth a punt? Let me know what you think if you decide to download HackSpace! 👇🏼

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