What is ‘Humble Bundle’?

Humble Bundle is a distribution platform selling games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Since Humble’s founding in 2010, they have been supporting charity (that’s where the “Humble” comes into it) while providing packaged digital content to customers (“Bundle”).

The core of the “philosophy” is flexible pricing. When you buy a bundle, you can choose the price you want to pay. You can even choose how your money is divided – between the creators, charity, Humble Partners, and Humble Bundle themselves.

What books were included?

All the following books were included in the bundle. If you bought the highest tier of the bundle (allowing access to all the content), it would work out at around $0.60 (~£0.47) per item! The current selling price direct from the publisher for each book varies between £20-£40, and for the video courses it averages at about £90! Safe to say then, this offer is a massive saving!

Nmap: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook – Second Edition

The book is for anyone who wants to master Nmap and its scripting engine to perform real life security auditing checks for system administrators and penetration testers. This book is also recommended to anyone looking to learn about network security auditing. Finally, novice Nmap users will also learn a lot from this book as it covers several advanced internal aspects of Nmap and related tools.

Network Analysis Using Wireshark 2 Cookbook

This book is for security professionals, network administrators, R&D, engineering and technical support, and communications managers who are using Wireshark for network analysis and troubleshooting. It requires a basic understanding of networking concepts, but does not require specific and detailed technical knowledge of protocols or vendor implementations.

Practical Cyber Intelligence

This book targets incident managers, malware analysts, reverse engineers, digital forensics specialists, and intelligence analysts; experience in, or knowledge of, security operations, incident responses or investigations is desirable so you can make the most of the subjects presented.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

This book is targeted at Information Security professionals, forensics practitioners, and students with knowledge and experience in the use of software applications and basic command-line experience. It will also help professionals who are new to the incident response/digital forensics role within their organization.

Hands-On Penetration Testing on Windows

This book is for penetration testers, ethical hackers, and individuals breaking into the pentesting role after demonstrating an advanced skill in boot camps. Prior experience with Windows exploitation, Kali Linux, and some Windows debugging tools is necessary

Industrial Cybersecurity

If you are a security professional and want to ensure a robust environment for critical infrastructure systems, this book is for you. IT professionals interested in getting into the cyber security domain or who are looking at gaining industrial cyber security certifications will also find this book useful.

Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook

If you are a Security professional or pentester and want to get into vulnerability exploitation and make the most of the Metasploit framework, then this book is for you. Some prior understanding of penetration testing and Metasploit is required.

Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Since this book sets out to cover a large number of tools and security fields, it can work as an introduction to practical security skills for beginners in security. In addition, web programmers and also system administrators would benefit from this rigorous introduction to web penetration testing. Basic system administration skills are necessary, and the ability to read code is a must.

Hands-On Cybersecurity for Architects

Hands-On Cybersecurity for Architects is for you if you are a security, network, or system administrator interested in taking on more complex responsibilities such as designing and implementing complex security structures. Basic understanding of network and computer security implementation will be helpful. This book is also ideal for non-security architects who want to understand how to integrate security into their solutions.

Mastering pfSense

This book is for those with at least an intermediate understanding of networking. Prior knowledge of pfSense would be helpful but is not required.

Those who have the resources to set up a pfSense firewall, either in a real or virtual environment, will especially benefit, as they will be able to follow along with the examples in the book.

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing

Penetration Testers, IT professional or a security consultant who wants to maximize the success of your network testing using some of the advanced features of Kali Linux, then this book is for you.Some prior exposure to basics of penetration testing/ethical hacking would be helpful in making the most out of this title.

Kali Linux – An Ethical Hacker’s Cookbook

This book is aimed at IT security professionals, pentesters, and security analysts who have basic knowledge of Kali Linux and want to conduct advanced penetration testing techniques.

Learning Malware Analysis

This book is for incident responders, cyber-security investigators, system administrators, malware analyst, forensic practitioners, student, or curious security professionals interested in learning malware analysis and memory forensics. Knowledge of programming languages such as C and Python is helpful but is not mandatory. If you have written few lines of code and have a basic understanding of programming concepts, you’ll be able to get most out of this book.

Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies

This book aims at IT professional who want to venture the IT security domain. IT pentester, Security consultants, and ethical hackers will also find this course useful. Prior knowledge of penetration testing would be beneficial.

Practical Mobile Forensics

If you are a forensics professional and are eager to widen your forensics skill set to mobile forensics then, this book is for you. Some understanding of digital forensics practices would do wonders.

Hands-On Cybersecurity with Blockchain

The book is targeted towards security professionals, or any stakeholder dealing with cybersecurity who wants to understand the next-level of securing infrastructure using Blockchain. Basic understanding of Blockchain can be an added advantage.

Metasploit for Beginners

If you are a penetration tester, ethical hacker, or security consultant who wants to quickly learn the Metasploit framework to carry out elementary penetration testing in highly secured environments then, this book is for you.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Guide

This book is designed for anyone who is seeking to pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam. It is a stepping stone for anyone who wants to become a security professional or move into cyber security. This certification guide assumes no prior knowledge of the product.

What Videos were included?

That’s right, it wasn’t just books in this bundle! Also included were some video courses. These are downloadable along with supplementary documentation and even txt files containing sample code to use during the course.

Cybersecurity Attacks (Red Team Activity)

This course is for IT professionals who want to become cybersecurity-aware, Penetration Testers, System Administrators, Information Security Consultants, and everybody who wants to feel safe in the information field today. Prior knowledge in networking, web-application functioning, Linux command, and Python will be beneficial, throughout a short review of these topics will be given.

Python For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course

Ethical hackers and penetration testers, Students preparing for OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, GXPN, CEH, Information security professionals and cyber security consultants, System and network security administrators, Programmers who want to get their hands dirty

Cryptography with Python

This course is intended for security professionals who want to learn to encrypt data, evaluate and compare encryption methods, and how to attack them.

Mastering Kali Linux

If you are a Penetration Tester, IT professional, or a security consultant and want to maximize your network testing using some of the advanced features of Kali Linux, then this course is for you! Learn techniques for exploiting vulnerabilities in servers and websites. Learn how to master some of the advanced features nested inside Kali Linux.

Some prior exposure to the basics of penetration testing/ethical hacking would be helpful to make the most out of this course. Prior experience of Kali is required.

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

This video is for .NET developers who would like to learn about serverless architectures. A basic C# programming knowledge is assumed. It’s best suited for pentesters, network security professionals, and site administrators who would like to gain information security skills. The course assumes some familiarity with networking-related concepts such as TCP/IP, but no IT security-related background is required.

Mastering Linux Security and Hardening

If you are a systems administrator or a network engineer interested in making your Linux environment more secure, then this course is for you. Security consultants wanting to enhance their Linux security skills will also benefit from this course. Prior knowledge of Linux is mandatory.

Learn Website Hacking / Penetration Testing From Scratch

Anybody who is interested in learning website and web application hacking/penetration testing, how hackers hack websites, how to secure websites and web applications from a hacker. Web developers and Web admins who want to secure their websites

How do I find out when the next offer is on?

One way to find out about future Humble Bundle offers is to check their website regularly.

But, the way I’ve found out about the past two bundles is by listening to the weekly SecurityNow! Podcast. Steve Gibson, from GRC.com will often mention when a humble bundle is out, and will also often discuss the quality of the books or content on offer.

What’s more, you’ll learn more about security by listening weekly, so it’s a win win! 🤓

Update: But wait… it’s not all good news!

As I was writing this blog post. I became aware of a news story relating to Humble Bundle having been subject to a data breach. Unfortunately, it looks like they leaked some information about subscribing customers, however they have insisted no personal data other than some email addresses have been released.

While this is obviously a disappointing thing to happen to any service provider of which you are a customer, and may knock your confidence in using a website like Humble Bundle, I see this as even more reason to get yourself the CyberSecurity bundle and get learning!

Let’s contribute to the security of everything online, rather than dwelling on the fact the malicious hackers keep achieving their goals of breaching companies. It’s too easy to point the finger and complain, it’s far harder to stand up to the plate and make a difference!

Let’s go…! 👨🏻‍💻

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