Following yesterdays UK Protect Counter Terrorism Bulletin, an update has been issued and can be found here:

UK Protect Counter Terrorism Bulletin – Malicious Hoax Communications Update

Update on Malicious Hoax Communications

Since the 15th December 2018 a number of malicious hoax communications, mainly by telephone, have been received by businesses and other organisations stating that an incident was going to take place at a specific location.The premises mentioned have included, although not exclusively limited to, hotel premises and have been located in various locations across the United Kingdom.The content of the communications have outlined methodologies which have included, but may not be limited in the future to:

  • Hostage situations;Improvised explosive devices;Use of Firearms;Use of bladed weapons.

Vehicle Security

Many businesses, especially during busy periods such as the festive season, have the supply and delivery of goods by vehicles as part of their core business function. It is important that consideration is given to the security of vehicles, of all sizes, as well as the safety of the vehicle operators . Help reduce criminal and suspicious activity by following these simple steps:

  • Drivers:
    • Park your vehicle legally in secure, well lit areas; off the street where possible, ideally in an authorised lorry parkSecure your vehicle and load when it is left unattendedSecure your cab at all timesLeave valuables out of sight
    • Make sure you verify the identity of the person driving your vehicles, and their documents 

Preventing Vehicles Being Used as Weapon

  • Use of large vehicles positioned in such a way as to create a ‘soft road closure’ may act as a deterrent to a would be attacker. It can be easily moved to permit authorised vehicular and/or emergency access.

  • Use of pedestrian barriers or Heras fencing will not stop a momentum vehicle, but may act as a deterrent and slowing mechanism. If this is all that is available, then it should be used.

  • Legally positioning of machinery or street furniture such as large generators, skips, cherry pickers and forklifts at temporary events, will offer some protection and slow down considerably a hostile vehicle.

  • Where a vehicle management or exclusion zone is being developed for a crowded event area, there must be early engagement with all emergency services and local NHS Trust to consider the wider impact, especially where key healthcare facilities fall within the zone.

  • The vehicle should be switched off and locked at all times when not on the move.

  • Non-essential event vehicles should be parked outside of the event footprint throughout the event period.

  • Compounding of vehicles within the footprint with dedicated security will significantly reduce the risk of hijack or

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