Just before 9pm on Monday the 31st of December 2018, British Transport Police (BTP) Officers at Manchester Victoria Train Station responded to a man armed with a knife and swiftly detained him. These officers acted with incredible bravery in doing so.

A 25 year old male was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and was later detained under the Mental Health Act.

This was a brutal and ferocious attack. It is only due to the courageous and effective response from the 4 police officers that further injuries were not sustained.

The couple who were injured have since released a statement thanking the BTP officers who ‘ran into danger’ to protect them and the paramedics and hospital employees who cared for them afterwards. The couple have now asked to be left in peace to make a full recovery.

At this stage, the following are key points for both Police and their partners to be aware of:

  • This was brutal and impulsive. There was apparent intent to carry out a frenzied attack.
  • If the attacker did see the visible police presence prior to the attack it did not stop him going ahead with it. His focus appears to have been attacking individuals.
  • Vigilance and the speed of response from the Police officers was key to limiting injuries.
  • The attack took place at a location that was considered a crowded place and was in close proximity to Manchester Arena.

Key to the investigation of such an incident is the ability of investigating officers to access CCTV footage of the area. Please find here a link to advice on the management and storage of CCTV.

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