The following is sent on behalf of Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth, National Coordinator Protect and Prepare.

Recent high-profile drone misuse has resulted in a number of organisations seeking advice about counter-drones (CUAS) technology and, in some cases, purchasing equipment and services.

The government response to these incidents has been to invest resources into a new ‘drones team’ and develop a programme of work that will include CUAS. This is high-priority work and will undoubtedly result in quick outcomes.

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) provides advice to critical national infrastructure and has an ongoing programme that looks at evaluating security equipment for use in those environments. CPNI has been working with industry to develop counter drone technology and has created a new counter drone technology standard. It will shortly be evaluating products against this standard. This will help provide a common goal between industry, the critical national infrastructure and Government.

CPNI hosted an industry engagement day on Wednesday 23 January 2019 in Central London for the manufacturers of CUAS detection technologies. CPNI will use this opportunity to inform the industry of the developments in their UAS detection technology programme, explain the approach to testing and evaluating products and outline opportunities to engage with CPNI.

We would recommend that organisations considering the purchase of CUAS capabilities and services consider this ongoing work. It is important that capability and services are able to be validated in terms of effectiveness and legality, and government’s work will help define this.

More general advice on protective security can be found on the CPNI website and for those who have access to the extranet, there is detailed advice on CUAS.

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